Sunday, March 20, 2016


There is a funny line in an even funnier movie, where the main character has a cliche or his personal mantra stating "life is like a box of chocolates. " Well there are times in our lives where, if life were like a box of chocolates, they must be the cheapest, sales and nastiest chocolates ever!  I mean could the tests of life really get any harder? Any uglier? Any more defeating?  Just how deep can a person be pressed?
There is another story though, this one is not so funny although there are some funny scenes.  The lead character here states, "why so downtrodden, o' my soul? "  I've been told that it's not crazy to talk yourself, but pretty weird if you were to answer yourself.
I am finding that GOD doesn't consider this an issue of psychosis or some other psychological disease to answer yourself, but HE does declare it foolish not to answer according to HIS Word, which is always True and always victorious.   These days I have been doing a lot of talking to myself and I don't like these challenges in my life.  I hate the dysfunctional ditches I seem to always fall into.  And I detest the division that the enemy has tempted and seemingly immobilized me with.  But, somehow I hear the voice of a Savior calling me to get up out of this faithless and defeated bog, and press on. 

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